Windows 10 Upgrade Attempt

Windows 10 Upgrade – The Mistake

I was pretty excited to claim the free Windows 10 upgrade for my PC. I really loved Windows 8 and I was excited to see what Microsoft had been doing to improve it.

Well, my excitement was quickly crushed. It started off fine. The windows 10 Upgrade installation process went smoothly, less a single glitch I detailed in the last post. Once it had completed, I logged into my Microsoft account and went about pushing buttons on the desktop.

I was automatically logged into my account in the Internet browser. That was nice. I wanted the start screen back. The start menu was just too small and… cramped. After looking up the instructions, I went to the personalization settings and was met by a, “You must activate Windows 10 before you can change things” message.

“No problem,” I thought. The normal activation failed. When the automated phone activation failed, I was forwarded to a live person. He told me, there was no way for them to upgrade the activation on a clean install, I would have to revert to windows 8.1 and go through the upgrade process.”


…So now I am downloading windows 8.1 installation media…. hopefully this works…

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